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Frequently Asked Questions

In a normal transaction the buyer will pay half the associated VAT, and their legal fees. Since 2022 the VAT associated with a purchaser is on a sliding scale as follows;

0 - 99,999 - 2%
100k - 300k - 4%
300k - 500k - 6%
500k - 700k - 8%
700k - $1M - 9%
1M+ - 10%

Each party will need legal representation which will cost approximately 2.5% for the two services they more often than not provide to purchasers. In addition to ensuring you are protected legally they will produce a mortgage document and a conveyance for you both of which can cost 2.5% each.

You are not required to use the bank where your salary is deposited for a mortgage. Many institutions will be willing to extend a mortgage to you if you meet the qualifications.

When determining how much you can borrow for a mortgage, financial institutions will consider your total income, minus any existing loan expenses. This remaining amount will be evaluated based on internal lending policies to determine how much can be allocated towards debt service.

Yes we have developed a list of preferred lenders and institutions who offer the nest rates and service.